Gastech magazine highlight for OPTIMISTIC: Feeding the environmental frontline with trusted hydrogen compressors and parts


Gastech magazine highlight for OPTIMISTIC: Feeding the environmental frontline with trusted hydrogen compressors and parts

OPTIMISTIC has been highlighted on Gastech 2023 event’s magazine as company who feeds the environmental frontline with trusted hydrogen compressors and parts.

This event is the biggest exhibition and conference on the world of natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, climate technologies and energy conservation. With more than 40,000 energy professionals, Gastech is an exposure to cutting-edge technologies that are driving change in the energy sector, all aimed at shaping a more progressive future for the industry.

Among the companies populating the Hydrogen Zone at Gastech, this edition is OPTIMISTIC.

The Portuguese firm has substantial experience in manufacturing a range of hi-tech rotary equipment and can produce customized compressors, fans and blowers, all in compliance with international standards with high technological performance tests carried out at its factory/plant.

Syed Shah, Supply Chain Manager, says OPTIMISTIC is “one of a kind globally” in providing specialized services to different industries, including repair and maintenance, revamping and overhaul. “The OPTIMISTIC strategy is to be recognized as global flexible producer that manufactures rotary equipment of high quality, with competitive prices and shorter delivery times than direct competition”, says Shah, who spells out the firm’s “green” credentials. “We recognize the need for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business model, using modern equipment, smart and green production methods, and social responsibilities activities… that contribute to a more prosperous planet”.

Shah says the company headquartered in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is “more equipped to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the face of competition” and more efficient in its use of resources and “resilient to the challenges of future.”

He continues: “That’ why we are dedicated to world decarbonization, reducing emissions, and cooperating with partners, suppliers, and customers toward a greener future.

“To address this concern, we use clean and flexible energy sources with very few adverse environmental impacts, as with example of hydrogen.”

Shah concludes: “We also produce hydrogen compressors and auxiliary parts related to this environment-friendly gas, used in many technological manufacturing plants and industries, thus being on the environmental frontline.”

Source: Gastech Show Daily 2023 

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