Suppliers Performance Evaluation

We care about our partners

OPTIMISTIC strives to maintain partnership relations with its product suppliers. We consider our suppliers an important contribution to the performance of the activities run by Optimistic within our established business relationship.
That’s why OPTIMISTIC believes its is important to inform partners about the criteria we use to evaluate their performance, so they may stay our preferential suppliers.
Performance evaluation is annual and is also made when a continuous commercial relationship is being established.
According to ISO 9001 certification process, we at OPTIMISTIC use the following criteria to evaluate our suppliers:
Suppliers Evaluation Criteria
Value Price Capacity to send proposals Respecting Agreed Production Deadlines Payment Deadlines Number of Claims
4 The best price on the market Immediately (48 hours) Always respects Partially, last part paid after delivery 0
3 2nd best price Up to 1 month Was delayed once during last year Partially, last part paid when being sent
2 3rd best price Up to 2 months Was delayed more than once during last year Total payment before sending
1 The most expensive price on the market More than 2 months Never respects agreed deadlines Total payment before production starts >1
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