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OPTIMISTIC manufactures rotary equipment (compressors, fans and blowers). We have a large know-how in engineering, industries, and services in the industrial rotary equipment area. We have a solution to industries all over the world with social and environmental responsibility. Our company is one of the worldwide companies able to provide such specialized services as repair, maintenance, monitoring, revamping and overhaul, as well a range of tailor-made solutions.

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In short, OPTIMISTIC is a Portuguese company with a large experience in supplying rotary equipment and ability to produce our own compressors, fans and blowers. In order to achieve it, we count on the support of specialized engineering team, that uses up-to-date design software methods, and manufacture and perform control tests with high technological performance. We also, work together with national brands and suppliers towards their internationalization, while lead foreign brands to the Portuguese market

OPTIMISTIC strategy is to be recognized as a global flexible producer, that manufactures rotary equipment of high quality, with competitive prices and shorter delivery time than the direct competition.

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