OPTIMISTIC’s Rebranding: From the sunflower to the impeller

OPTIMISTIC’s rebranding: From the sunflower to the impeller

The new OPTIMISTIC’s image was promoted on September at Gastech 2023 event in Singapore and now goes to ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi.

The new OPTIMISTIC brand is an evolution. It’s a sunflower that comes to life with the force of its petals and starts spinning around.

It rotates around itself with so much energy that a center opens up, starting to produce energy in a centrifugal movement. The “O” acts as the center, the customer as the center, his business as the center of everything.

This continuous movement is inspired by the rotation of the metal parts OPTIMISTIC produces – symbolizing the core business as the focus of everything.

This movement is a positive and contagious energy. The petals multiply and create lines that represent the movement of air.

The result: a static flower becomes an engine, a turbine, a propeller, the essential part of the business – the driving force behind your business.

The lines are growing, turning in on themselves, just as OPTIMISTIC is adjusting to the needs of each client, since the different challenges are the driving force behind them. A quality service, tailored to each challenge.

At the same time, the striped circular shape symbolizes the sun. The light present in the brand’s current identity. The sun is, as we know, the greatest source of energy. The greatest source of positive energy. This reinforces this evolution with tradition. A change based on the brand’s crucial values.




Art Direction: – Vera Lima Mayer
Copywrite – Tiago Baltazar
Merchandising/Production – José Simões

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